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Event Classes

These classes are used to create and handle events.

For more information see the Object model and Signals and Slots.

QAbstractEventDispatcherInterface to manage Qt's event queue
QAccessibleEventUsed to query addition accessibility information about complex widgets
QActionEventEvent that is generated when a QAction is added, removed, or changed
QBasicTimerTimer events for objects
QChildEventEvent parameters for child object events
QCloseEventParameters that describe a close event
QContextMenuEventParameters that describe a context menu event
QDragEnterEventEvent which is sent to a widget when a drag and drop action enters it
QDragLeaveEventEvent that is sent to a widget when a drag and drop action leaves it
QDragMoveEventEvent which is sent while a drag and drop action is in progress
QDropEventEvent which is sent when a drag and drop action is completed
QDynamicPropertyChangeEventEvent parameters for dynamic property change events
QEventThe base class of all event classes. Event objects contain event parameters
QFileOpenEventEvent that will be sent when there is a request to open a file
QFocusEventEvent parameters for widget focus events
QHelpEventEvent that is used to request helpful information about a particular point in a widget
QHideEventEvent which is sent after a widget is hidden
QHoverEventParameters that describe a mouse event
QIconDragEventIndicates that a main icon drag has begun
QInputEventThe base class for events that describe user input
QInputMethodEventParameters for input method events
QKeyEventDescribes a key event
QMouseEventParameters that describe a mouse event
QMoveEventEvent parameters for move events
QPaintEventEvent parameters for paint events
QResizeEventEvent parameters for resize events
QShortcutUsed to create keyboard shortcuts
QShortcutEventEvent which is generated when the user presses a key combination
QShowEventEvent that is sent when a widget is shown
QStatusTipEventEvent that is used to show messages in a status bar
QTabletEventParameters that describe a Tablet event
QTimerRepetitive and single-shot timers
QTimerEventParameters that describe a timer event
QWhatsThisClickedEventEvent that can be used to handle hyperlinks in a "What's This?" text
QWheelEventParameters that describe a wheel event
QWindowStateChangeEventThe window state before a window state change

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