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QDecorationFactory Class Reference
[QtGui module]

The QDecorationFactory class creates window decorations in Qtopia Core. More...

 #include <QDecorationFactory>

Static Public Members

Detailed Description

The QDecorationFactory class creates window decorations in Qtopia Core.

Note that this class is only available in Qtopia Core.

QDecorationFactory is used to detect and instantiate the available decorations, allowing Qtopia Core to load the preferred decoration into the application at runtime. The create() function returns a QDecoration object representing the decoration identified by a given key. The valid keys (i.e. the supported decorations) can be retrieved using the keys() function.

Qtopia Core provides three built-in decorations: Default, Styled and Windows. In addition, custom decorations can be added using Qt's plugin mechanism, i.e. by subclassing the QDecoration class and creating a mouse driver plugin (QDecorationPlugin).

See also QDecoration and QDecorationPlugin.

Member Function Documentation

QDecoration * QDecorationFactory::create ( const QString & key )   [static]

Creates the decoration specified by the given key. Note that the keys are case-insensitive.

See also keys().

QStringList QDecorationFactory::keys ()   [static]

Returns the list of valid keys, i.e., the available decorations.

See also create().

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