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QFontEngineInfo Class Reference
[QtGui module]

The QFontEngineInfo class describes a specific font provided by a font engine plugin. More...

 #include <QFontEngineInfo>

This class is under development and is subject to change.

This class was introduced in Qt 4.3.


Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QFontEngineInfo class describes a specific font provided by a font engine plugin.

QFontEngineInfo is used to describe a request of a font to a font engine plugin as well as to describe the actual fonts a plugin provides.

See also QAbstractFontEngine and QFontEnginePlugin.

Property Documentation

family : QString

the family name of the font

Access functions:

pixelSize : qreal

the pixel size of the font

A pixel size of 0 represents a freely scalable font.

Access functions:

style : QFont::Style

the style of the font

Access functions:

weight : int

the weight of the font

The value should be from the QFont::Weight enumeration.

Access functions:

writingSystems : QList<QFontDatabase::WritingSystem>

the writing systems supported by the font

An empty list means that any writing system is supported.

Access functions:

Member Function Documentation

QFontEngineInfo::QFontEngineInfo ()

Constructs a new empty QFontEngineInfo.

QFontEngineInfo::QFontEngineInfo ( const QString & family )

Constructs a new QFontEngineInfo with the specified family. The resulting object represents a freely scalable font with normal weight and style.

QFontEngineInfo::QFontEngineInfo ( const QFontEngineInfo & other )

Creates a new font engine info object with the same attributes as other.

QFontEngineInfo::~QFontEngineInfo ()

Destroys this QFontEngineInfo object.

QFontEngineInfo & QFontEngineInfo::operator= ( const QFontEngineInfo & other )

Assigns other to this font engine info object, and returns a reference to this.

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