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QSsl Namespace Reference
[QtNetwork module]

The QSsl namespace declares enums common to all SSL classes in QtNetwork. More...

 #include <QSsl>

This namespace was introduced in Qt 4.3.


Detailed Description

The QSsl namespace declares enums common to all SSL classes in QtNetwork.

Type Documentation

enum QSsl::AlternateNameEntryType

Describes the key types for alternate name entries in QSslCertificate.

QSsl::EmailEntry0An email entry; the entry contains an email address that the certificate is valid for.
QSsl::DnsEntry1A DNS host name entry; the entry contains a host name entry that the certificate is valid for. The entry may contain wildcards.

See also QSslCertificate::alternateSubjectNames().

enum QSsl::EncodingFormat

Describes supported encoding formats for certificates and keys.

QSsl::Pem0The PEM format.
QSsl::Der1The DER format.

enum QSsl::KeyAlgorithm

Describes the different key algorithms supported by QSslKey.

QSsl::Rsa0The RSA algorithm.
QSsl::Dsa1The DSA algorithm.

enum QSsl::KeyType

Describes the two types of keys QSslKey supports.

QSsl::PrivateKey0A private key.
QSsl::PublicKey1A public key.

enum QSsl::SslProtocol

Describes the protocol of the cipher.

QSsl::SslV30SSLv3 - the default protocol.
QSsl::UnknownProtocol-1The cipher's protocol cannot be determined.
QSsl::AnyProtocol3The socket understands SSLv2, SSLv3, and TLSv1. This value is used by QSslSocket only.

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