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QtCore Module

The QtCore module contains core non-GUI functionality. More...


QtMiscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt library


QAbstractEventDispatcherInterface to manage Qt's event queue
QAbstractFileEngineAbstraction for accessing the filesystem
QAbstractFileEngineHandlerWay to register custom file engines with your application
QAbstractFileEngineIteratorIterator interface for custom file engines
QAbstractItemModelThe abstract interface for item model classes
QAbstractListModelAbstract model that can be subclassed to create one-dimensional list models
QAbstractTableModelAbstract model that can be subclassed to create table models
QBasicTimerTimer events for objects
QBitArrayArray of bits
QBufferQIODevice interface for a QByteArray
QByteArrayArray of bytes
QByteArrayMatcherHolds a sequence of bytes that can be quickly matched in a byte array
QCacheTemplate class that provides a cache
QChar16-bit Unicode character
QChildEventEvent parameters for child object events
QConstStringWrapper for constant Unicode string data
QCoreApplicationEvent loop for console Qt applications
QCryptographicHashWay to generate cryptographic hashes
QCustomEventSupport for custom events
QDataStreamSerialization of binary data to a QIODevice
QDateDate functions
QDateTimeDate and time functions
QDirAccess to directory structures and their contents
QDirIteratorIterator for directory entrylists
QDynamicPropertyChangeEventEvent parameters for dynamic property change events
QEventThe base class of all event classes. Event objects contain event parameters
QEventLoopMeans of entering and leaving an event loop
QFSFileEngineImplements Qt's default file engine
QFileInterface for reading from and writing to files
QFileInfoSystem-independent file information
QFileSystemWatcherInterface for monitoring files and directories for modifications
QFlagHelper data type for QFlags
QFlagsType-safe way of storing OR-combinations of enum values
QGenericArgumentInternal helper class for marshalling arguments
QGenericReturnArgumentInternal helper class for marshalling arguments
QHashTemplate class that provides a hash-table-based dictionary
QHashIteratorJava-style const iterator for QHash and QMultiHash
QIODeviceThe base interface class of all I/O devices in Qt
QLatin1Char8-bit ASCII/Latin-1 character
QLatin1StringThin wrapper around an ASCII/Latin-1 encoded string literal
QLibraryLoads shared libraries at runtime
QLibraryInfoInformation about the Qt library
QLineTwo-dimensional vector using integer precision
QLineFTwo-dimensional vector using floating point precision
QLinkedListTemplate class that provides linked lists
QLinkedListIteratorJava-style const iterator for QLinkedList
QListTemplate class that provides lists
QListIteratorJava-style const iterator for QList and QQueue
QLocaleConverts between numbers and their string representations in various languages
QMapTemplate class that provides a skip-list-based dictionary
QMapIteratorJava-style const iterator for QMap and QMultiMap
QMetaClassInfoAdditional information about a class
QMetaEnumMeta-data about an enumerator
QMetaMethodMeta-data about a member function
QMetaObjectMeta-information about Qt objects
QMetaPropertyMeta-data about a property
QMetaTypeManages named types in the meta-object system
QMimeDataContainer for data that records information about its MIME type
QModelIndexUsed to locate data in a data model
QMultiHashConvenience QHash subclass that provides multi-valued hashes
QMultiMapConvenience QMap subclass that provides multi-valued maps
QMutableHashIteratorJava-style non-const iterator for QHash and QMultiHash
QMutableLinkedListIteratorJava-style non-const iterator for QLinkedList
QMutableListIteratorJava-style non-const iterator for QList and QQueue
QMutableMapIteratorJava-style non-const iterator for QMap and QMultiMap
QMutableSetIteratorJava-style non-const iterator for QSet
QMutableVectorIteratorJava-style non-const iterator for QVector and QStack
QMutexAccess serialization between threads
QMutexLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking mutexes
QObjectThe base class of all Qt objects
QObjectCleanupHandlerWatches the lifetime of multiple QObjects
QPairTemplate class that stores a pair of items
QPersistentModelIndexUsed to locate data in a data model
QPluginLoaderLoads a plugin at run-time
QPointDefines a point in the plane using integer precision
QPointFDefines a point in the plane using floating point precision
QPointerTemplate class that provides guarded pointers to QObjects
QProcessUsed to start external programs and to communicate with them
QQueueGeneric container that provides a queue
QReadLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for read access
QReadWriteLockRead-write locking
QRectDefines a rectangle in the plane using integer precision
QRectFDefines a rectangle in the plane using floating point precision
QRegExpPattern matching using regular expressions
QResourceInterface for reading directly from resources
QSemaphoreGeneral counting semaphore
QSetTemplate class that provides a hash-table-based set
QSetIteratorJava-style const iterator for QSet
QSettingsPersistent platform-independent application settings
QSharedDataBase class for shared data objects
QSharedDataPointerPointer to a shared data object
QSignalMapperBundles signals from identifiable senders
QSizeDefines the size of a two-dimensional object using integer point precision
QSizeFDefines the size of a two-dimensional object using floating point precision
QSocketNotifierSupport for monitoring activity on a file descriptor
QStackTemplate class that provides a stack
QStringUnicode character string
QStringListList of strings
QStringMatcherHolds a sequence of characters that can be quickly matched in a Unicode string
QStringRefThin wrapper around QString substrings
QSysInfoInformation about the system
QSystemLocaleCan be used to finetune the system locale of the user
QTemporaryFileI/O device that operates on temporary files
QTextCodecConversions between text encodings
QTextCodecPluginAbstract base for custom QTextCodec plugins
QTextDecoderState-based decoder
QTextEncoderState-based encoder
QTextIStreamConvenience class for input streams
QTextOStreamConvenience class for output streams
QTextStreamConvenient interface for reading and writing text
QThreadPlatform-independent threads
QThreadStoragePer-thread data storage
QTimeClock time functions
QTimeLineTimeline for controlling animations
QTimerRepetitive and single-shot timers
QTimerEventParameters that describe a timer event
QTranslatorInternationalization support for text output
QUrlConvenient interface for working with URLs
QUuidStores a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
QVarLengthArrayLow-level variable-length array
QVariantActs like a union for the most common Qt data types
QVectorTemplate class that provides a dynamic array
QVectorIteratorJava-style const iterator for QVector and QStack
QWaitConditionCondition variable for synchronizing threads
QWriteLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for write access

Detailed Description

All other Qt modules rely on this module. To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:

 #include <QtCore>

The QtCore module is part of all Qt editions.

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