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How-To's and Best Practices

These documents provide guidelines and best practices explaining how to use Qt to solve specific technical problems.

Books about GUI Design
Calling Qt Functions From Unix Signal HandlersYou can't. But don't despair, there is a way...
Creating Custom Qt TypesHow to create and register new types with Qt.
Creating Shared Libraries
Creating and Using Components for Qt Designer
Desktop IntegrationIntegrating with the user's desktop environment.
Exception SafetyA guide to exception safety in Qt.
Implementing Atomic OperationsA guide to implementing atomic operations on new architectures.
OpenVG Rendering in QtEfficient rendering on embedded devices with OpenVG
Porting GuidesGuides related to porting Qt applications and libraries.
Recommended Use of Data Types in Databases
Restoring a Window's Geometry
SQL Database DriversHow to configure and install QtSql drivers for supported databases.
Session Management
Setting the Application Icon
Standard Accelerator Keys
TimersHow to use timers in your application.
Using QtDBus Adaptors
Using hardware acceleration on embedded platforms.

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