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fbm.h Example File


   Prototypes for the fractional Brownian motion algorithm. These
   functions were originally the work of F. Kenton Musgrave.  For
   documentation of the different functions please refer to the book:
   "Texturing and modeling: a procedural approach"
   by David S. Ebert et. al.


 #ifndef _fbm_h
 #define _fbm_h

 #include  <math.h>

 #ifdef __cplusplus
 extern "C" {

 //#define TRUE    1
 //#define FALSE   0

 typedef struct {
     double x;
     double y;
     double z;
 } Vector;

 float noise3(float vec[]);
 double fBm( Vector point, double H, double lacunarity, double octaves,
             int init );

 #ifdef __cplusplus

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