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Frameworks and Technologies

These documents dive into the frameworks of classes that Qt provides, and provide background information about the technical solutions used in Qt's architecture.

ActiveQt FrameworkAn overview of Qt's ActiveX and COM integration on Windows.
Application Windows and Dialogs
Drag and DropAn overview of the drag and drop system provided by Qt.
Events and Event FiltersA guide to event handling in Qt.
Generic ContainersQt's template-based container classes.
Gestures ProgrammingAn overview of the Qt support for Gesture programming.
How to Create Qt PluginsA guide to creating plugins to extend Qt applications and functionality provided by Qt.
Implementing Styles and Style Aware WidgetsAn overview of styles and the styling of widgets.
Implicit SharingReference counting for fast copying.
Integrating Web Content with QtWebKit
Inter-Process Communication in QtInter-Process communication in Qt applications.
Introduction to D-BusAn introduction to Inter-Process Communication and Remote Procedure Calling with D-Bus.
Keyboard FocusKeyboard focus management and handling.
Layout ManagementA tour of the standard layout managers and an introduction to custom layouts.
Making Applications Scriptable
Model/View ProgrammingA guide to the extensible model/view architecture used by Qt's item view classes.
Overview of Qt's Undo Framework
Phonon Overview
QTestLib ManualAn overview of Qt's unit testing framework.
Qt Object ModelA description of the powerful features made possible by Qt's dynamic object model.
Qt Style SheetsHow to use style sheets to customize the appearance of widgets.
Rich Text ProcessingAn overview of Qt's rich text processing, editing and display features.
The Animation FrameworkAn overview of the Animation Framework
The Graphics View FrameworkAn overview of the Graphics View framework for interactive 2D graphics.
The Paint System
The Qt Help FrameworkIntegrating Documentation in Applications
The State Machine FrameworkAn overview of the State Machine framework for constructing and executing state graphs.
Thread Support in QtA detailed discussion of thread handling in Qt.
Unicode in QtInformation about support for Unicode in Qt.
Widgets and Layouts

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