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Groups Of Related Classes

This is a list of functional groups of Qt classes. A class can appear in more than one functional group.

CodecsCodec support in Qt.
Event ClassesClasses used to create and handle events.
Generic ContainersQt's template-based container classes.
Help SystemClasses used to provide online-help for applications.
Input/Output and NetworkingClasses providing file input and output along with directory and network handling.
Network Programming APIClasses for Network Programming
Non-GUI ClassesCollection classes such as list, queue, stack and string, along with other classes that can be used without needing QApplication.
Painting ClassesClasses that provide support for painting.
Plugin ClassesPlugin related classes.
Printer and Printing APIsClasses for producing printed output
Qt for Embedded Linux ClassesClasses that are specific to Qt for Embedded Linux.
Rendering in 3DClasses that provide support for rendering in 3D.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ClassesClasses for secure communication over network sockets. The classes below provide support for secure network communication using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, using the OpenSSL Toolkit to perform encryption and protocol handling.

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