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Installing Qt on the Symbian platform from a Binary Package

Note: Qt for the Symbian platform has some requirements that are given in more detail in the Qt for the Symbian platform Requirements document.

  1. Install Qt

    Run qt-symbian-opensource-4.6.3.exe and follow the instructions.

    Note: Qt must be installed on the same drive as the Symbian SDK you are using, and the install path must not contain any spaces.

  2. Install Qt into a device

    To run Qt applications on a device, qt_installer.sis found in the Qt installation directory must be first installed into the device. Qt_installer.sis contains Qt libraries and Open C libraries all in one convenient package. Begin installation by connecting your device via USB cable to a computer that has the Nokia PC Suite installed. On the device, select "PC Suite mode". In Windows Explorer right click on the qt_installer.sis file, select "Install with Nokia Application Installer" and follow the instructions.

  3. Running Qt demos

    We've included a subset of the Qt demos in this package for you to try out. An excellent starting point is the "fluidlauncher" demo.

    To run the demo on a real device, install fluidlauncher.sis found in the Qt installation directory to a device that already has Qt installed. After installation, you can find fluidlauncher in the applications folder of the device.

    To run the demos and examples on the emulator, you need to build them first. Open the "Qt for the Symbian platform Command Prompt" from the Start menu and type:

     cd examples
     cd ..\demos

    To run the demos on the emulator simply navigate to the directory of the demo you want to see and run:

     make run

    For more information about building and running Qt programs on the Symbian platform, see The Symbian platform - Introduction to Qt.

    We hope you will enjoy using Qt.

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