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Rendering in 3D

QGLSpecifies miscellaneous identifiers used in the Qt OpenGL module
QGLColormapUsed for installing custom colormaps into a QGLWidget
QGLContextEncapsulates an OpenGL rendering context
QGLFormatSpecifies the display format of an OpenGL rendering context
QGLFramebufferObjectEncapsulates an OpenGL framebuffer object
QGLFramebufferObjectFormatSpecifies the format of an OpenGL framebuffer object
QGLPixelBufferEncapsulates an OpenGL pbuffer
QGLShaderAllows OpenGL shaders to be compiled
QGLShaderProgramAllows OpenGL shader programs to be linked and used
QGLWidgetWidget for rendering OpenGL graphics
QGenericMatrixTemplate class that represents a NxM transformation matrix with N columns and M rows
QMatrix4x4Represents a 4x4 transformation matrix in 3D space
QQuaternionRepresents a quaternion consisting of a vector and scalar
QVector2DRepresents a vector or vertex in 2D space
QVector3DRepresents a vector or vertex in 3D space
QVector4DRepresents a vector or vertex in 4D space

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