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Q3DropSite Class Reference
[Qt3Support module]

The Q3DropSite class provides nothing and does nothing. More...

 #include <Q3DropSite>

This class is part of the Qt 3 support library. It is provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using it in new code. See Porting to Qt 4 for more information.

Public Functions

Q3DropSite ( QWidget * self )
virtual ~Q3DropSite ()

Detailed Description

The Q3DropSite class provides nothing and does nothing.

It was used in Qt 1.x to do some drag and drop; that has since been folded into QWidget.

See also Q3DragObject, Q3TextDrag, and Q3ImageDrag.

Member Function Documentation

Q3DropSite::Q3DropSite ( QWidget * self )

Constructs a Q3DropSite to handle events for the widget self.

Pass this as the self parameter. This enables dropping by calling QWidget::setAcceptDrops(true).

Q3DropSite::~Q3DropSite ()   [virtual]

Destroys the drop site.

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