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QtDBus module

The QtDBus module is a Unix-only library that you can use to perform Inter-Process Communication using the D-Bus protocol. More...


QDBusContains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the QtDBus library


QDBusAbstractAdaptorThe base class of D-Bus adaptor classes
QDBusAbstractInterfaceThe base class for all D-Bus interfaces in the QtDBus binding, allowing access to remote interfaces
QDBusArgumentUsed to marshall and demarshall D-Bus arguments
QDBusConnectionRepresents a connection to the D-Bus bus daemon
QDBusConnectionInterfaceAccess to the D-Bus bus daemon service
QDBusContextAllows slots to determine the D-Bus context of the calls
QDBusErrorRepresents an error received from the D-Bus bus or from remote applications found in the bus
QDBusInterfaceProxy for interfaces on remote objects
QDBusMessageRepresents one message sent or received over the D-Bus bus
QDBusObjectPathEnables the programmer to identify the OBJECT_PATH type provided by the D-Bus typesystem
QDBusPendingCallRefers to one pending asynchronous call
QDBusPendingCallWatcherConvenient way for waiting for asynchronous replies
QDBusPendingReplyContains the reply to an asynchronous method call
QDBusReplyStores the reply for a method call to a remote object
QDBusServerPeer-to-peer communication between processes on the same computer
QDBusServiceWatcherAllows the user to watch for a bus service change
QDBusSignatureEnables the programmer to identify the SIGNATURE type provided by the D-Bus typesystem
QDBusVariantEnables the programmer to identify the variant type provided by the D-Bus typesystem

Detailed Description

Applications using the QtDBus module can provide services to other, remote applications by exporting objects, as well as use services exported by those applications by placing calls and accessing properties.

The QtDBus module provides an interface that extends the Qt Signals and Slots mechanism, allowing one to connect to a signal emitted remotely as well as to connect a local signal to remote slot.

To use this module, use the following code in your application:

 #include <QtDBus>

If you're using qmake to build your application, you can add this line to your .pro file to make it link against the QtDBus libraries:

 QT += dbus

Note: The source code for this module is located in the src/qdbus directory. When installing Qt from source, this module is built when Qt's tools are built.

See the Introduction to D-Bus page for detailed information on how to use this module.

This module is part of all Qt editions.

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