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QtNetwork Module

The QtNetwork module provides classes to make network programming easier and portable. More...


QSslDeclares enums common to all SSL classes in QtNetwork


QAbstractNetworkCacheThe interface for cache implementations
QAbstractSocketThe base functionality common to all socket types
QAuthenticatorAuthentication object
QFtpImplementation of the client side of FTP protocol
QHostAddressIP address
QHostInfoStatic functions for host name lookups
QLocalServerLocal socket based server
QLocalSocketLocal socket
QNetworkAccessManagerAllows the application to send network requests and receive replies
QNetworkAddressEntryStores one IP address supported by a network interface, along with its associated netmask and broadcast address
QNetworkCacheMetaDataCache information
QNetworkCookieHolds one network cookie
QNetworkCookieJarImplements a simple jar of QNetworkCookie objects
QNetworkDiskCacheVery basic disk cache
QNetworkInterfaceListing of the host's IP addresses and network interfaces
QNetworkProxyNetwork layer proxy
QNetworkProxyFactoryFine-grained proxy selection
QNetworkProxyQueryUsed to query the proxy settings for a socket
QNetworkReplyContains the data and headers for a request sent with QNetworkAccessManager
QNetworkRequestHolds a request to be sent with QNetworkAccessManager
QSslCertificateConvenient API for an X509 certificate
QSslCipherRepresents an SSL cryptographic cipher
QSslConfigurationHolds the configuration and state of an SSL connection
QSslErrorSSL error
QSslKeyInterface for private and public keys
QSslSocketSSL encrypted socket for both clients and servers
QTcpServerTCP-based server
QTcpSocketTCP socket
QUdpSocketUDP socket
QUrlInfoStores information about URLs

Detailed Description

To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:

 #include <QtNetwork>

To link against the module, add this line to your qmake .pro file:

 QT += network

The QtNetwork module is part of the Qt Full Framework Edition and the Open Source Versions of Qt.

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