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QWSEmbedWidget Class Reference
[QtGui module]

The QWSEmbedWidget class enables embedded top-level widgets in Qt for Embedded Linux. More...

 #include <QWSEmbedWidget>

Inherits QWidget.

This class was introduced in Qt 4.2.

Public Functions

QWSEmbedWidget ( WId id, QWidget * parent = 0 )
~QWSEmbedWidget ()

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual void changeEvent ( QEvent * event )
virtual bool eventFilter ( QObject * object, QEvent * event )
virtual void hideEvent ( QHideEvent * event )
virtual void moveEvent ( QMoveEvent * event )
virtual void resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent * event )
virtual void showEvent ( QShowEvent * event )

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QWSEmbedWidget class enables embedded top-level widgets in Qt for Embedded Linux.

Note that this class is only available in Qt for Embedded Linux.

QWSEmbedWidget inherits QWidget and acts as any other widget, but in addition it is capable of embedding another top-level widget.

An example of use is when painting directly onto the screen using the QDirectPainter class. Then the reserved region can be embedded into an instance of the QWSEmbedWidget class, providing for example event handling and size policies for the reserved region.

All that is required to embed a top-level widget is its window ID.

See also Qt for Embedded Linux Architecture.

Member Function Documentation

QWSEmbedWidget::QWSEmbedWidget ( WId id, QWidget * parent = 0 )

Constructs a widget with the given parent, embedding the widget identified by the given window id.

QWSEmbedWidget::~QWSEmbedWidget ()

Destroys this widget.

void QWSEmbedWidget::changeEvent ( QEvent * event )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QWidget::changeEvent().

bool QWSEmbedWidget::eventFilter ( QObject * object, QEvent * event )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QObject::eventFilter().

void QWSEmbedWidget::hideEvent ( QHideEvent * event )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QWidget::hideEvent().

void QWSEmbedWidget::moveEvent ( QMoveEvent * event )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QWidget::moveEvent().

void QWSEmbedWidget::resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent * event )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QWidget::resizeEvent().

void QWSEmbedWidget::showEvent ( QShowEvent * event )   [virtual protected]

Reimplemented from QWidget::showEvent().

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