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Qt for Embedded Linux Requirements

Building Qt for Embedded Linux with uclibc

If you intend to include the QtWebKit module in your Qt build then you should use version uClibc 0.9.29 or greater as that is the earliest version with sufficient pthread support.

Memory Requirements

The memory and storage requirements for Qt for Embedded Linux depend on a an variety of different factors, including the target architecture and the features enabled in the Qt build.

The following table shows typical library sizes for the most common Qt libraries on different architectures, built in release mode with different feature profiles.

linux-mips-g++ (MIPS32)GCC

Library sizes are given in the following units: K = 1024 bytes; M = 1024K. QtWebKit is excluded from the minimal configuration.

The Fine-Tuning Features in Qt document covers the process of configuring Qt builds to avoid the inclusion of unnecessary features.

Additional X11 Libraries for QVFb

The Virtual Framebuffer (QVFb) application requires the libxtst library in addition to the libraries used to build Qt for X11. This library enables the use of the Record extension to the X protocol to be used in applications.

See also Known Issues in 4.6.3.

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