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Qt for the Symbian platform Requirements

Qt for the Symbian platform requires the following software installed on your development PC:

Running Qt on real device requires the Open C to be installed on the device. The Open C installation packages are embedded into qt_installer.sis, which is included in Qt for Symbian binary package. If you are building Qt from scratch, you can find the required packages in the Symbian SDK where you installed Open C/C++:

If you wish to do hardware debugging with Carbide or run applications in real devices using "make run" command, TRK must be installed to the device. Note: TRK is not required if you just want to install and run applications manually on the device.

We recommend you to take a look at Symbian Foundation - Qt Quick Start to get more information about how to setup the development environment.

See also Known Issues in 4.6.3.

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