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Scripting Classes and Overviews

QScriptClassInterface for defining custom behavior of (a class of) Qt Script objects
QScriptClassPropertyIteratorIterator interface for custom Qt Script objects
QScriptContextRepresents a Qt Script function invocation
QScriptContextInfoAdditional information about a QScriptContext
QScriptEngineEnvironment for evaluating Qt Script code
QScriptEngineAgentInterface to report events pertaining to QScriptEngine execution
QScriptEngineDebuggerQScriptEngine debugger
QScriptStringActs as a handle to "interned" strings in a QScriptEngine
QScriptSyntaxCheckResultThe result of a script syntax check
QScriptValueActs as a container for the Qt Script data types
QScriptValueIteratorJava-style iterator for QScriptValue
QScriptableAccess to the Qt Script environment from Qt C++ member functions

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