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Threading Classes

QAtomicIntPlatform-independent atomic operations on integers
QAtomicPointerTemplate class that provides platform-independent atomic operations on pointers
QFutureRepresents the result of an asynchronous computation
QFutureSynchronizerConvenience class that simplifies QFuture synchronization
QFutureWatcherAllows monitoring a QFuture using signals and slots
QMutexAccess serialization between threads
QMutexLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking mutexes
QReadLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for read access
QReadWriteLockRead-write locking
QRunnableThe base class for all runnable objects
QSemaphoreGeneral counting semaphore
QThreadPlatform-independent threads
QThreadPoolManages a collection of QThreads
QThreadStoragePer-thread data storage
QWaitConditionCondition variable for synchronizing threads
QWriteLockerConvenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for write access
QtConcurrentHigh-level APIs that make it possible to write multi-threaded programs without using low-level threading primitives

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