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Non-GUI Classes

The non-GUI classes are general-purpose collection and string classes that may be used independently of the GUI classes.

In particular, these classes do not depend on QApplication at all, and so can be used in non-GUI programs.

QBitArrayArray of bits
QByteArrayArray of bytes
QByteArrayMatcherHolds a sequence of bytes that can be quickly matched in a byte array
QCacheTemplate class that provides a cache
QContiguousCacheTemplate class that provides a contiguous cache
QCryptographicHashWay to generate cryptographic hashes
QFlagsType-safe way of storing OR-combinations of enum values
QHashTemplate class that provides a hash-table-based dictionary
QLinkedListTemplate class that provides linked lists
QListTemplate class that provides lists
QMapTemplate class that provides a skip-list-based dictionary
QMultiHashConvenience QHash subclass that provides multi-valued hashes
QMultiMapConvenience QMap subclass that provides multi-valued maps
QPairTemplate class that stores a pair of items
QQueueGeneric container that provides a queue
QRegExpPattern matching using regular expressions
QSetTemplate class that provides a hash-table-based set
QStackTemplate class that provides a stack
QStringUnicode character string
QStringListList of strings
QStringMatcherHolds a sequence of characters that can be quickly matched in a Unicode string
QStringRefThin wrapper around QString substrings
QTextBoundaryFinderWay of finding Unicode text boundaries in a string
QVarLengthArrayLow-level variable-length array
QVectorTemplate class that provides a dynamic array

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