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Widget Classes

Below you find a list of all widget classes in Qt. You can also browse the widget classes Qt provides in the various supported styles in the Qt Widget Gallery.

Basic Widgets

These basic widgets (controls), such as buttons, comboboxes and scroll bars, are designed for direct use.

QCheckBoxCheckbox with a text label
QComboBoxCombined button and popup list
QCommandLinkButtonVista style command link button
QDateEditWidget for editing dates based on the QDateTimeEdit widget
QDateTimeEditWidget for editing dates and times
QDialRounded range control (like a speedometer or potentiometer)
QDoubleSpinBoxSpin box widget that takes doubles
QFocusFrameFocus frame which can be outside of a widget's normal paintable area
QFontComboBoxCombobox that lets the user select a font family
QLCDNumberDisplays a number with LCD-like digits
QLabelText or image display
QLineEditOne-line text editor
QMenuMenu widget for use in menu bars, context menus, and other popup menus
QProgressBarHorizontal or vertical progress bar
QPushButtonCommand button
QRadioButtonRadio button with a text label
QScrollAreaScrolling view onto another widget
QScrollBarVertical or horizontal scroll bar
QSizeGripResize handle for resizing top-level windows
QSliderVertical or horizontal slider
QSpinBoxSpin box widget
QTabBarTab bar, e.g. for use in tabbed dialogs
QTabWidgetStack of tabbed widgets
QTimeEditWidget for editing times based on the QDateTimeEdit widget
QToolBoxColumn of tabbed widget items
QToolButtonQuick-access button to commands or options, usually used inside a QToolBar
QWidgetThe base class of all user interface objects

Advanced Widgets

Advanced GUI widgets such as tab widgets and progress bars provide more complex user interface controls.

QCalendarWidgetMonthly based calendar widget allowing the user to select a date
QColumnViewModel/view implementation of a column view
QDataWidgetMapperMapping between a section of a data model to widgets
QDesktopWidgetAccess to screen information on multi-head systems
QListViewList or icon view onto a model
QMacCocoaViewContainerWidget for Mac OS X that can be used to wrap arbitrary Cocoa views (i.e., NSView subclasses) and insert them into Qt hierarchies
QMacNativeWidgetWidget for Mac OS X that provides a way to put Qt widgets into Carbon or Cocoa hierarchies depending on how Qt was configured
QTableViewDefault model/view implementation of a table view
QTreeViewDefault model/view implementation of a tree view
QUndoViewDisplays the contents of a QUndoStack
QWSEmbedWidgetEnables embedded top-level widgets in Qt for Embedded Linux
QWebViewWidget that is used to view and edit web documents
QX11EmbedContainerXEmbed container widget
QX11EmbedWidgetXEmbed client widget
Phonon::VideoWidgetWidget that is used to display video

Organizer Widgets

Classes like splitters, tab bars, button groups, etc are used to organize and group GUI primitives into more complex applications or dialogs.

QButtonGroupContainer to organize groups of button widgets
QGroupBoxGroup box frame with a title
QSplitterImplements a splitter widget
QSplitterHandleHandle functionality of the splitter
QStackedWidgetStack of widgets where only one widget is visible at a time
QTabWidgetStack of tabbed widgets

Abstract Widget Classes

Abstract widget classes usable through subclassing. They are generally not usable in themselves, but provide functionality that can be used by inheriting these classes.

QAbstractButtonThe abstract base class of button widgets, providing functionality common to buttons
QAbstractScrollAreaScrolling area with on-demand scroll bars
QAbstractSliderInteger value within a range
QAbstractSpinBoxSpinbox and a line edit to display values
QDialogThe base class of dialog windows
QFrameThe base class of widgets that can have a frame

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