PopupInterface QML Type

An interface for requesting popups. More...

Import Statement: import service 1.0


Detailed Description

PopupInterface inherits Notification from Qt Application Manager and acts like an adapter for Neptune UI popups. The PopupInterface properties timeout and category are adopted to match Neptune UI requirements and should not be used. In the Neptune UI interaction, pop-ups should always be dismissed by an end user instead of a time-out.

Example Usage

PopupInterface {
    id: popupInterfaceLowPrio
    actions: [ { text: "Cancel" } ]
    title: "Popup Prio 9"
    summary: "Popup Sample"
    priority: 9

Pop-up notifications are queued based on a value in priority. actions defines an array of buttons for a popup.

Property Documentation

subtitle : string

This property assigns a subtitle for the popup.

title : string

This property assigns a title for the popup.

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