NavigationUIScreen QML Type

A base item for developing navigation applications. More...

Import Statement: import utils 1.0



Detailed Description

NavigationUIScreen is a QML item which should be the root element in Neptune UI navigation applications. It provides APIs for interacting with a system UI and for positioning the application's visual elements. NavigationUIScreen extends AppUIScreen with additional properties for setting a home page map widget.

See Neptune UI Application Development for best practices on how to use the APIs.

Example Usage

NavigationUIScreen {
    id: root
    title: "Neptune Template"

    cluster: ClusterMapWidget {}

    widget: HomePageMapWidget {}

    UIScreen {
        MapContent {
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            width: Style.hspan(13)
            height: Style.vspan(24)

        onBackScreen: root.back()

This documentation is part of utils.

Property Documentation

widget : Item

This property specifies a content area for a map widget. The content area will be placed in a system UI home page.

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