Qt Quick Ultralite supported environment

Qt Quick Ultralite supports a variety of microcontroller-based hardware plafforms that are available in the market. The following sections provide a summary of these platforms along with information about the supported development host environment.

Target development reference boards

The following table lists the target reference hardware boards:

Hardware boardMCUCompilerOperating system
STM32F769IDISCOVERYSTM32F769NIgcc-arm 8bare metal
NXP IMXRT1050-EVKBMIMXRT1052DVL6Agcc-arm 8bare metal

These reference boards are supported under the Qt Standard Support.

Other boards

The following table lists the boards that are supported on request under additional support and or services. If you need support for these or any other board, contact The Qt Company for Premium Support and/or service work. Typically, The Qt Company needs access to the customer-specific hardware and software to provide support. For more details, contact The Qt Company.

Hardware boardMCUCompilerOperating system
Renesas Mango adapter and the main boardRH850D1M1AGreen Hills MULTI 7.1.6, Compiler 2018.1.5Bare Metal
STM32F7508-DKSTM32F750N8H6gcc-arm 8Bare Metal
Your project hardware

Development host environment

The Windows 10 is the only supported development host for Qt Quick Ultralite. You can get started in no time, with Qt Creator IDE v4.11 and above.

You can also use the Qt 5.14.0 and later frameworks as a backend for running Qt Quick Ultralite applications. Currently Qt provides desktop versions with the x86_64 architecture for Linux and Windows. If you need the Qt backend version for other architectures or operating systems, contact The Qt Company.

Services, Standard and Premium support

Qt offers product support at different levels in order to help you with technical challenges and to suggest best practices. See the Qt Support page for an overview about these different support levels. Also, see the License Agreements and Service Terms page for the latest version of the Qt license agreements and the support terms and conditions for the Qt account.

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