Property Class

template <typename T> class Qul::Property

The Property class can be used to hold a property of a given type. More...

Header: #include <Property>

Public Functions

Property(const T &value)
void setValue(const T &v)
const T &value()
const T &value() const

Detailed Description

Property can be assigned to a binding or to a value. When assigned to a binding, the value of the property can be automatically updated if the binding has been using other properties.

Member Function Documentation

Property::Property(const T &value)

Create a property initialized with the given value


Create a property holding zero-initialized value

void Property::setValue(const T &v)

Set the value v for this binding

See also value().

const T &Property::value()

Get the value of this property

See also setValue().

const T &Property::value() const

This is an overloaded function.

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