Entry point to Qt Quick Ultralite application

Default entry point

Qt Quick Ultralite CMake build system injects minimal entry point implementation by default.

Custom entry point

Defining entry point

To define custom entry point user must implement a main C++ function. User defined main function must call the following Qt Quick Ultralite functions:

Qul::initPlatform<qul/qul.h>Platform initialization
Qul::appMain<qul/qul.h>Qt Quick Ultralite initialization and execution

Using custom entry point

In order to use custom entry point for Qt Quick Ultralite application, follow these steps:

  • Set the QUL_USE_CUSTOM_ENTRY_POINT property of your CMake target to true
  • Add the .cpp file that defines the main function to the application's CMake target sources

Entry point templates

Default entry point implementations can be used as a template for providing custom versions.
Minimal implementation is shipped with Qt for MCUs in:
<Qt Quick Ultralite package instalation path>/src/os/<OS>/main.cpp.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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