Qt Quick Ultralite overview

The Qt Quick Ultralite graphics framework provides a rich QML API set for building fluid GUIs, and a rendering engine. It also provides a set of code generators and a graphics runtime, which are used for rendering Qt Quick-based graphical user interfaces (GUI).

The framework is designed and developed to help creation of rich user interfaces for devices powered by the microcontroller units (MCU). It is developed to enable your application perform optimally with the available resources. It utilizes the available hardware acceleration for graphics operations, and is aware of the limited resources on MCU platforms, such as memory footprint and CPU processing cycles.

Qt Quick Ultralite conforms to the C++03 standard to ensure compatibility with vast number of devices, operating systems, toolchains, and security regulations.

Key features

  • Ultra-light UI controls to build fluid GUIs using QML.
  • Support for charts to visualize data models.
  • Custom styling for graphic elements.
  • Graphics engine that is customized for rendering QML on MCU platforms.
  • Tools to generate native C++ code out of the QML-based UI code.
  • Internationalization support to enable catering to various regions.
  • Support for popular hardware platforms.
  • Offers better developer experience with the Qt Creator IDE.
  • Good documentation, examples, and tutorials that gets you on board quickly.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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