Copy image data to RAM for faster access.


The following values are valid:

"OnStartup"The data is copied to RAM on startup. g Although this enables faster access to data, it might use up your limited RAM.
"OnDemand"The data is copied to the texture cache on demand. The texture cache must be enabled by setting QUL_TEXTURE_CACHE to its total size in bytes.
"Never"The data is not copied to RAM. Drawing an image to the screen from storage may result in reduced performance.

The default behavior is platform-dependent. See the board-specific documentation for details.

If image data is compressed (QUL_COMPRESSION), the default value is "OnDemand".


This property was introduced in Qt Quick Ultralite 1.1.

See also Qt Quick Ultralite image caching, QUL_TEXTURE_CACHE, QUL_COMPRESSION, and Default Resource Properties.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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