Search path for fonts.


Contains a list of paths. During compilation, Qt Quick Ultralite looks for the fonts requested by the Text and StaticText instances in this list of paths.

The default fonts location is <Qt Quick Ultralite package instalation path>/src/3rdparty/fonts. It's stored in the default value of the QUL_FONTS_DIR property.


To add additional fonts to your target, append to the QUL_FONTS_DIR target property:

set_property(TARGET <Executable Target> APPEND PROPERTY QUL_FONTS_DIR <Custom Fonts Location>)

To stop Qt Quick Ultralite from looking for the fonts in its default directory overwrite QUL_FONTS_DIR property value:

set_target_properties(<Executable Target> PROPERTIES QUL_FONTS_DIR <Custom Fonts Location>)


This property was introduced in Qt Quick Ultralite 1.5.

See also Text Rendering and Fonts.

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