API level differences between Qt Quick Ultralite and Qt Quick

Many Qt Quick QML types are implemented in Qt Quick Ultralite. The API reference covers the available API. If some part of the API is not listed, Qt Quick Ultralite does not currently implement it.

This topic lists particular API differences beyond unimplemented API.

See also Known Issues or Limitations.

Item QML type

Item::parent is read-only. The parent of an Item cannot be changed in states or script expressions.

The anchors of an Item cannot be changed in script expressions.

The state, states, and transitions properties are only available for the root item of a QML file.

The visible property does not propagate to children. If a parent's visible property is false, the children will be invisible, but their visible property may be true.

Image QML type

Qt Quick Ultralite implements the transform property on Image. In Qt Quick, this property is part of the Item type.

ListView QML type

The current implementation of ListView assumes that all delegates have the same size. It is a known bug that you need to provide size for the delegate explicitly.

Text QML type

Qt Quick Ultralite implements two additional Text properties: baselineOffset and transform. In Qt Quick, these properties are part of the Item type.

Text has the additional font.unicodeCoverage property. See Text Rendering and Fonts for details.

Qt Quick Ultralite also implements a StaticText type to optimize text display when the text is known at compile-time.

Conditional availability of the scale, rotation, and transformOrigin properties

The scale, rotation, and transformOrigin properties on the Image, Text and StaticText type are generated conditionally. The properties are only available if a binding to them exists.

Image {
    id: img
    source: "logo.png"

    Component.onCompleted: img.scale = 1.5 // error!

    // If this binding is present, the scale property will be available.
    // scale: 1

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