AbstractAxis QML Type

A base type used for specialized axis types. More...

Import Statement: import QtCharts
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite 1.1
Inherited By:

BarCategoryAxis and ValueAxis


Detailed Description

Each series can be bound to only one horizontal and vertical axis.

The properties and visibility of various axis elements, such as axis line, title, labels, grid lines, and shades, can be individually controlled.

The AbstractAxis type is based on QtCharts.AbstractAxis. The following properties are not supported yet:

  • minorGridVisible, minorGridLineColor
  • labelsAngle
  • shadesVisible, shadesColor, shadesBorderColor
  • titleVisible, titleText, titleFont
  • orientation
  • alignment
  • reverse

Other differences:

Property Documentation

color : color

The color of the axis line.

gridLineColor : color

The color of the grid line.

gridVisible : bool

The visibility of the grid lines.

labelsColor : color

The color of the axis labels.

labelsFont : font

The font of the axis labels.

labelsVisible : bool

The visibility of axis labels.

lineVisible : bool

The visibility of the axis line.

visible : bool

The visibility of the axis, including labels and grid.

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