BarCategoryAxis QML Type

Adds categories to a chart's axes. More...

Import Statement: import QtCharts
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite 1.1


Detailed Description

The BarCategoryAxis type can be set up to show an axis line with tick marks, and grid lines. Categories are drawn between the ticks.

The BarCategoryAxis type is based on QtCharts.BarCategoryAxis. The following members are not supported yet:

  • categories (see below)
  • min, max
  • count
  • all signals and methods

Although the categories property is not supported, you can add categories using the BarCategoryValue type:

ChartView {
    BarSeries {
        axisX: BarCategoryAxis {
            BarCategoryValue { value: "Jan" }
            BarCategoryValue { value: "Feb" }
            BarCategoryValue { value: "Mar" }
        // BarSets...

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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