STM32L4R9I-EVAL Evaluation Board

This topic helps you setup the development environment for STM's STM32L4R9I=EVAL.

Board features

  • STM32L4R9AII6 MCU featuring ARM® Cortex®-M4, 2-MBytes Flash, 640-kbytes RAM
  • 1.2” 390x390 round Touch Display
  • 16-Mbit SRAM memory
  • 128-Mbit NOR Flash memory
  • 512-Mbit Octo-SPI Flash memory
  • 64-Mbit Octo-SPI SRAM memory
  • 8-Gbyte on-board eMMC

Prebuilt demos and examples

The package for STM32L4R9I_EVAL board comes with a prebuilt watch demo binary. You can find it in the demos_images directory.

See Flashing Instructions for ST boards, for information about flashing the device.

For this board, select MX25LM51245G_STM32L4R9I-EVAL as the external loader.

Reading debug messages

By default, the output of printf calls are redirected to a virtual serial port, which is exposed on the host machine via USB.

Known limitations

STM32L4R9AII6 MCU does not have double-precision floating-point support. Care should be taken to avoid using them.

Due to limited SDRAM bandwidth, accessing SDRAM with the CPU may cause visual artifacts while the framebuffer is being scanned by the display controller.

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