The following prerequisites must be installed to start developing for the different target platforms on the Linux and Windows host. Use the Qt online installer to install the following prerequisites. You can download the installer from your Qt account.

The following table lists all the common and board-specfic prerequisites:

  • Qt for MCUs SDK
  • Qt Creator v4.12.4 or newer
  • CMake 3.17.3 or newer
  • Ninja 1.10.0 or newer
  • ARM Toolchain 9-2020-q2-update or IAR Build Tools for Arm V8.50, depending on which toolchain you are using


  • Ninja is an optional build tool that can be replaced with others like JOM or NMake. It is not needed when using Qt Creator.
  • The IAR build tools must be installed separately with the IAR Workbench for Arm.
  • MCUXpresso SDK 2.9.1


  • MCUXpresso IDE must be selected explicitly from the list of Third-party tools and SDKs offered by the Qt online installer. The IDE provides the tools for flashing and onboard debugging.
RenesasIn addition to the common prerequisites listed earlier, install the following separately as the Qt online installer does not provide these:
  • The following is a list of ST boards and their corresponding STM32Cube board SDK:
    • STM32F769I-DISCOVERY - STM32CubeF7 SDK 1.16.0 or newer
    • STM32F7508-DISCOVERY - STM32CubeF7 SDK 1.16.0 or newer
    • STM32H750B-DISCOVERY - STM32CubeH7 SDK 1.5.0
    • STM32L4R9I-DISCOVERY - STM32CubeL4 SDK 1.15.0 or newer
    • STM32L4R9I-EVAL - STM32CubeL4 SDK 1.15.0
    • STM32F469I-DISCOVERY - STM32CubeF4 SDK 1.24.0 or newer
  • STM Cube Programmer 2.4.0 or newer


  • The STM Cube Programmer must be selected explicitly from the list of Third-party tools and SDKs offered by the Qt online installer.

In addition, flash with the bootloader image to the device if required. For more information, see Bootloader Flashing Instructions for ST boards.

  • Green Hills MULTI Compiler for Embedded ARM. Qt for MCUs is tested against Compiler version 2019.5.
  • Graphics Driver for Traveo II Cluster Series for the target device CYT4DN, including the SRC, LIB and SDK packages.
  • Cypress AutoFlashUtil 1.0 in order to be able to flash the built executables to the device.
  • A MiniProg4 debug probe if flashing directly from Qt Creator.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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