QIviConjunctionTerm Class

The QIviConjunctionTerm is the representation of a conjunction between two query terms More...

Header: #include <QIviConjunctionTerm>
qmake: QT += ivicore
Inherits: QIviAbstractQueryTerm

Public Types

enum Conjunction { And, Or }

Public Functions

Conjunction conjunction() const
QList<QIviAbstractQueryTerm *> terms() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QString toString() const override
virtual QIviAbstractQueryTerm::Type type() const override

Detailed Description

The QIviConjunctionTerm is the representation of a conjunction between two query terms

Member Type Documentation

enum QIviConjunctionTerm::Conjunction

QIviConjunctionTerm::And0The AND conjunction combines the filters to only match when all supplied filters are true.
QIviConjunctionTerm::Or1The OR conjunction combines the filters to match when one of the supplied filters are true.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructs an instance of QIviConjunctionTerm.


Destroys the instance of QIviConjunctionTerm.

Conjunction QIviConjunctionTerm::conjunction() const

Returns the type of the conjunction.

QList<QIviAbstractQueryTerm *> QIviConjunctionTerm::terms() const

Returns the terms which are conjuncted together.

[override virtual] QString QIviConjunctionTerm::toString() const

Reimplemented from QIviAbstractQueryTerm::toString().

[override virtual] QIviAbstractQueryTerm::Type QIviConjunctionTerm::type() const

Reimplemented from QIviAbstractQueryTerm::type().

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