AmFmTunerStation QML Type

The TunerStation represents a tuner station. More...

Import Statement: import QtIvi.Media 1.0
Instantiates: QIviAmFmTunerStation



  • band : enumeration

Detailed Description

Note: This item is not creatable from QML.

Property Documentation

band : enumeration

Holds the band of the tuner station.

Available values are:

AMBandThe AM Band is based on the Amplitude Modulation technique and can range from 520 to 1610 kHz (1710 kHz). The step size is usually between 9 or 10 kHz.
FMBandThe FM Band is based on the Frequency Modulation technique and can range from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. The step size is usually 100 kHz.

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