Using the Qt IVI Reference API


The Qt IVI module contains a reference API providing interfaces to common automotive functionality. These APIs rely on the separation of the front-end API and the backend implementation. The Qt IVI module also introduces a set of concepts used in the APIs: zones and property attributes. More about the concepts can be read here.


Qt IVI consists of the following C++ modules:


C++ classes for the Qt IVI Core API


C++ classes for the Qt IVI Media API


C++ classes for the Qt IVI Vehicle Functions API

Qt IVI Core provides core base classes for the Qt IVI features, and handles the discovery of Qt IVI backend plugins. Application developers do not need to use Qt IVI Core directly. It is only needed when implementing a new IVI feature, such as Qt IVI Vehicle Functions ClimateControl.

Qt IVI Vehicle Functions provides interfaces to access vehicle features.

Qt IVI Media provides interfaces to access media related APIs e.g. Managing your music playlist or controlling the radio tuner.

The functionality provided by these modules is available to QML applications:


QML types for the Qt IVI Core API


QML types for the Qt IVI Media API


QML types for the Qt IVI Vehicle Functions API

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