QKnx1Bit Class

The QKnx1Bit class is a boolean datapoint type, such as switch on or off. More...

Header: #include <QKnx1Bit>
qmake: QT += knx
Inherits: QKnxFixedSizeDatapointType

Public Functions

QKnx1Bit(bool bit)
bool bit() const
bool setBit(bool value)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual bool isValid() const override

Protected Functions

QKnx1Bit(int subType, bool bit)

Detailed Description

The QKnx1Bit class is a boolean datapoint type, such as switch on or off.

This is a fixed size datapoint type with the length of 1 byte, though only one bit is used by the actual implementation.

It is a base class for the following datapoint types:

  • QKnxAck - Acknowledge command (trigger) for alarms, for example. Possible values are Acknowledge and No action (dummy).
  • QKnxAlarm - Possible values are Alarm and NoAlarm.
  • QKnxBinaryValue - Possible values are Low and High.
  • QKnxBool - Possible values are False and True.
  • QKnxDimSendStyle - Dim send style. Possible values are Start/Stop or Cyclically.
  • QKnxEnable - Possible values are Disable and Enable.
  • QKnxHeatCool - Possible values are Cooling and Heating.
  • QKnxInputSource - Possible values are Fixed and Calculated.
  • QKnxInvert - Possible values are Not inverted and Inverted.
  • QKnxLogicalFunction - Possible values are logical function OR and logical function AND.
  • QKnxOccupancy - Possible values are Not occupied and Occupied.
  • QKnxOpenClose - Possible values are Open and Close.
  • QKnxRamp - Possible values are NoRamp and Ramp.
  • QKnxReset - Possible values are No action (dummy) and Reset command (trigger).
  • QKnxSceneAB - Possible values are Scene A and Scene B.
  • QKnxShutterBlindsMode - Shutter or blinds mode. Possible values are Only move Up/Down mode (shutter) and Move up down + StepStop mode (blind).
  • QKnxStart - Possible values are Stop and Start.
  • QKnxState - Possible values are Inactive and Active.
  • QKnxStep - Possible values are Decrease and Increase.
  • QKnxSwitch - Possible values are Off and On.
  • QKnxTrigger - Possible values are Trigger and Trigger (also).
  • QKnxUpDown - Possible values are Up and Down.
  • QKnxWindowDoor - Window or door. Possible values are Closed and Open.

The possible values for this datapoint type are true and false.

See also QKnxDatapointType.

Member Function Documentation


Creates a fixed size datapoint type with the value set to false.

QKnx1Bit::QKnx1Bit(bool bit)

Creates a fixed size datapoint type with the value bit.

[protected] QKnx1Bit::QKnx1Bit(int subType, bool bit)

Creates a fixed size datapoint with the subtype subType and the value bit.

bool QKnx1Bit::bit() const

Returns the value stored in the datapoint type.

See also setBit().

[override virtual] bool QKnx1Bit::isValid() const

Reimplemented from QKnxDatapointType::isValid().

bool QKnx1Bit::setBit(bool value)

Sets the value of the datapoint type to value.

See also bit().

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