QKnxByteStore Class

The QKnxByteStore class is a byte store used when building frames. More...

Header: #include <QKnxByteStore>
qmake: QT += knx
Inherited By:

QKnxAdditionalInfo, QKnxNetIpStructHeader, and QKnxNpdu

Public Functions

void appendBytes(const T &bytesToAppend)
quint8 byte(quint16 index) const
void insertBytes(quint16 pos, const T &bytesToInsert)
QKnxByteStoreRef ref(quint16 index = 0) const
void replaceBytes(quint16 pos, const T &replacement)
void resize(quint16 size, const quint8 value = 0)
void setByte(quint16 index, quint8 byte)
void setBytes(const T &sourceBytes)
void setBytes(QByteArray::const_iterator sourceBegin, QByteArray::const_iterator sourceEnd)
void setBytes(Iterator sourceBegin, Iterator sourceEnd)
quint16 size() const
virtual QString toString() const

Protected Functions

QKnxByteStore() = default
QKnxByteStore(quint8 byte)
QKnxByteStore(const quint8 *bytes, quint16 size)
virtual ~QKnxByteStore() = default
const quint8 *data() const

Detailed Description

The QKnxByteStore class is a byte store used when building frames.

To communicate with the KNX bus, frames needs to be exchanged. The byte store is useful when building the frames and serves as a base to classes representing the frames.

Member Function Documentation

[default protected] QKnxByteStore::QKnxByteStore()

Default constructs an instance of QKnxByteStore.

[protected] QKnxByteStore::QKnxByteStore(quint8 byte)

Constructs a new byte store equal to byte.

[protected] QKnxByteStore::QKnxByteStore(const quint8 *bytes, quint16 size)

Constructs a new byte store of the size size from the bytes array.

[default protected] QKnxByteStore::~QKnxByteStore()

Destroys the instance of QKnxByteStore. The destructor is virtual.

void QKnxByteStore::appendBytes(const T &bytesToAppend)

quint8 QKnxByteStore::byte(quint16 index) const

Returns the byte of the current byte store at index.

See also setByte().

[protected] const quint8 *QKnxByteStore::data() const

void QKnxByteStore::insertBytes(quint16 pos, const T &bytesToInsert)

QKnxByteStoreRef QKnxByteStore::ref(quint16 index = 0) const

Creates a QKnxByteStoreRef object pointing to the index of the object.

void QKnxByteStore::replaceBytes(quint16 pos, const T &replacement)

void QKnxByteStore::resize(quint16 size, const quint8 value = 0)

Resizes the range of bytes to the given size and value.

void QKnxByteStore::setByte(quint16 index, quint8 byte)

See also byte().

void QKnxByteStore::setBytes(const T &sourceBytes)

void QKnxByteStore::setBytes(QByteArray::const_iterator sourceBegin, QByteArray::const_iterator sourceEnd)

Replaces the current byte store using the STL-style const iterators sourceBegin and sourceEnd.

void QKnxByteStore::setBytes(Iterator sourceBegin, Iterator sourceEnd)

quint16 QKnxByteStore::size() const

Returns the number of bytes.

[virtual] QString QKnxByteStore::toString() const

Returns a QString object representing the bytes.

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