QKnxByteStoreRef Class

The QKnxByteStoreRef class represents a pointer to a byte store. More...

Header: #include <QKnxByteStoreRef>
qmake: QT += knx

Public Functions

QKnxByteStoreRef() = default
QKnxByteStoreRef(const QKnxByteStoreRef &) = default
~QKnxByteStoreRef() = default
const_iterator begin() const
quint8 byte(quint16 index) const
const quint8 *bytes() const
const_iterator end() const
quint16 size() const
QKnxByteStoreRef &operator=(const QKnxByteStoreRef &) = default
quint8 operator[](int i) const

Detailed Description

The QKnxByteStoreRef class represents a pointer to a byte store.

Member Function Documentation

[default] QKnxByteStoreRef::QKnxByteStoreRef()

Default constructs an instance of QKnxByteStoreRef.

[default] QKnxByteStoreRef::QKnxByteStoreRef(const QKnxByteStoreRef &)

Copy constructor.

[default] QKnxByteStoreRef::~QKnxByteStoreRef()

Destroys the instance of QKnxByteStoreRef.

const_iterator QKnxByteStoreRef::begin() const

quint8 QKnxByteStoreRef::byte(quint16 index) const

Returns the byte at index.

const quint8 *QKnxByteStoreRef::bytes() const

Returns the content of the byte store referred to as an array of quint8.

const_iterator QKnxByteStoreRef::end() const

quint16 QKnxByteStoreRef::size() const

Returns the size of the byte store referred to by the object.

[default] QKnxByteStoreRef &QKnxByteStoreRef::operator=(const QKnxByteStoreRef &)

Copy-assignment operator.

quint8 QKnxByteStoreRef::operator[](int i) const

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