Discoverer Example

Discoverer shows how to implement and start a discovery agent that discovers KNX/netIP servers on the network.

In the main function, we create the discovery agent:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QKnxNetIpServerDiscoveryAgent agent;

Then, we start the discovery agent:


Finally, we recover a list of servers:

    const auto servers = agent.discoveredServers();
    if (servers.size() > 0) {
        qInfo().noquote() << endl << QString::fromLatin1("%1 server(s) found on the network.")
        for (auto server : servers) {
            qInfo().noquote() << QString::fromLatin1("  Server: %1").arg(server.deviceName());
            qInfo().noquote() << QString::fromLatin1("      Individual address: %1").arg(server
            qInfo().noquote() << QString::fromLatin1("      Server control endpoint: %1:%2")

            auto services = server.supportedServices();
            qInfo().noquote() << QString::fromLatin1("    Supported services:");
            for (auto it = services.constBegin(); it != services.constEnd(); ++it) {
                qInfo().noquote() << QString::fromLatin1("      KNXnet/IP %1, Version: %2")
            qInfo() << "";
    } else {
        qInfo().noquote() << "No server(s) found on the network.";

    return 0;


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