Change History

Below is a brief summary of the changes of the Qt Quick Compiler between different released versions.

Version 7.5 released with Qt 5.9.5

  • Fixed build with CMake when path to qrc file contains spaces.

Version 7.2 released with Qt 5.9.2

  • Fixed compilation when using JavaScript with statement.
  • All changes applied to Qt 5.6.x , Qt 5.7.x and Qt 5.8.x are also included.

Version 7.1 released with Qt 5.9.1

No new changes - all changes applied to Qt 5.6.x , Qt 5.7.x and Qt 5.8.x are also included.

Version 7.0 released with Qt 5.9.0

No new changes - all changes applied to Qt 5.6.x , Qt 5.7.x and Qt 5.8.x are also included.

Version 6.0 released with Qt 5.8.0

No new changes - all changes applied to Qt 5.6.x and Qt 5.7.x are also included.

Version 5.0 released with Qt 5.7.0

No new changes - all changes applied to Qt 5.6.x are also included.

Version 4.4 released with Qt 5.6.4

  • Support optional compilations with QTQUICK_COMPILER_SKIPPED_RESOURCES.
  • Fix an issue with files being referenced with a prefix that contained spaces.

Version 4.3 released with Qt 5.6.3

  • Fixed warnings produced by static code initializers about missing null pointer checks in generated code.
  • Fixed loading of QML files by relative path. It is assumed that relative paths refer to files in the resource root directory (/).
  • Fixed alignment issues in generated code that can result in crashes.

Version 4.2 released with Qt 5.6.2

  • Fixed build of projects with CONFIG+=no_keywords.
  • Improved code generation to require less JavaScript stack space.

Version 4.1 released with Qt 5.6.1

  • Fixed generation of .qrc files in recursive qmake calls.
  • Fixed qrc -> filesystem path mapping on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with qml/js files not appearing if their paths started with "../" .

Version 4.0 released with Qt 5.6.0

  • Fixed static linking when multiple projects are using the compiler.
  • Fixed newline removal in Qt5QuickCompilerConfig.cmake.
  • Fixed .pragma library directive processing.
  • Fixed QML types / JS files sometimes not being visible in the resources.
  • Fixed builds with cmake when the .qrc file contains only .qml files.
  • Fixed support for .ui.qml files when using cmake.

Version 3.0 release with Qt 5.5.0

  • Fixed Visual Studio project generation

Version 2.1 released with Qt 5.4.1

  • Fixed code generation for large integer and double constants.
  • QFile::exists() now works on .qml and .js files in resources, by including them as zero-sized files without the source code content.

Version 2.0 released with Qt 5.4.0

  • Removed need for shared run-time library in projects using the compiler.
  • Fixed loading of projects with deep directory hierarchies in resource files.
  • Usage of the compiler in projects that produce plugins/shared libraries is now possible.
  • Due to the removal of the run-time library, the cmake syntax has slightly changed.

Version 1.1 released with Qt 5.3.2

  • Fixed support for large integer literals with more than 6 digits in JavaScript code.
  • Fixed support for Qt.include() with compiled JavaScript files.
  • Fixed support for compiling on Windows towards other architectures.
  • Fixed support for enums and translations in ListElement objects.
  • Initial CMake integration.

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