SafePicture QML Type

Provides a QML Picture type which can be rendered in the Qt Safe Renderer runtime. More...

Import Statement: import QtSafeRenderer 1.0


Detailed Description

SafePicture is an indicator that displays the colorized scalable vector QPicture in the Safe Renderer runtime. The SafePicture object communicates the scene position changes to Safe Renderer runtime. For that purpose, a unique objectName property must be set.

The following code provides an example how to use the SafePicture type:

SafePicture {
    id: iconCoolant
    objectName: "iconCoolant"
    width: 30
    height: 30
    color: "#e41e25"
    source: "qrc:/iso-icons/iso_grs_7000_4_2426.dat"

Property Documentation

color : url

This property specifies the color of the indicator. The default value is "black".

source : url

This property specifies the URL of the icon to use. The URL must point to a file that contains QPicture data. For example:

source: "qrc:/iso-icons/iso_grs_7000_4_0238.dat"

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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