qnx.cpp Example File

/****************************************************************************** ** ** Copyright (C) 2017 The Qt Company Ltd. ** Contact: http://www.qt.io/licensing/ ** ** This file is part of the Qt Safe Renderer. ** ** $QT_BEGIN_LICENSE:COMM$ ** ** Commercial License Usage ** Licensees holding valid commercial Qt licenses may use this file in ** accordance with the commercial license agreement provided with the ** Software or, alternatively, in accordance with the terms contained in ** a written agreement between you and The Qt Company. For licensing terms ** and conditions see http://www.qt.io/terms-conditions. For further ** information use the contact form at http://www.qt.io/contact-us. ** ** $QT_END_LICENSE$ ** ******************************************************************************/
#include <unistd.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <sys/dispatch.h> #include <QtSafeRenderer/qsafechecksum.h> #include <QtSafeRenderer/qsafestring.h> #include <QtSafeRenderer/qsafeevent.h> #include <QtSafeRenderer/qsafeglobal.h> #include "../events.h" #define ATTACH_POINT "saferenderer" using namespace SafeRenderer; typedef struct _pulse msg_header_t; typedef struct _message_data { msg_header_t hdr; SafeRenderer::QSafeEvent event; } message_data; qint32 g_server_coid; void sendMessage(const SafeRenderer::QSafeEvent& event) { message_data msg; msg.hdr.type = 0x0; msg.hdr.subtype = 0x0; msg.event = event; if (MsgSend(g_server_coid, &msg, sizeof(msg), NULL, 0) == -1) { printf("Failed to send message.\n"); } } int main() { const SystemEventId events[] = { EventEngineTemperature, EventFuelLow, EventParkingBrake, EventTireCondition, EventPropulsionBatteryFailed, EventSeatBeltDriver, EventLightError, EventParkLight, EventHeadLightLowBeam }; //Items are the Safe Items id's in QML file //See the DashBoardForm.ui.qml in qtcluster project const qchar * const items[] = { "iconCoolant", "iconFuel", "iconParkingBrake", "iconTyre", "iconBattery", "iconSeatbelt", "iconLamp", "iconLights", "iconLowBeam" }; const quint32 eventCount = sizeof(events) / sizeof(events[0]); while ((g_server_coid = name_open(ATTACH_POINT, 0)) < 0) { // Wait until we have a connection sleep(1); } for (quint32 i=0U;i<eventCount;i++) { QSafeEventConnection connection; connection.setSystemEventId(events[i]); connection.setItemId(qsafe_hash(items[i], safe_strlen(items[i]))); sendMessage(connection); } srand (time(NULL)); QSafeEventSystem e; e.setSystemEventId(EventTireCondition); e.setValue(1U); sendMessage(e); e.setSystemEventId(EventLightError); e.setValue(1U); sendMessage(e); while (true) { const quint32 index = static_cast<quint32>(rand()) % eventCount; SystemEventId eventid = events[index]; if ((eventid == EventTireCondition) || (eventid == EventLightError)) continue; e.setSystemEventId(eventid); e.setValue(1U); sendMessage(e); sleep(2U); e.setSystemEventId(eventid); e.setValue(0U); sendMessage(e); sleep(1U); } }

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