AbstractWindow Class


The AbstractWindow class controls the drawing. More...

Header: #include <AbstractWindow>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0

Public Functions

AbstractWindow(const QSafeSize &size)
virtual ~AbstractWindow()
virtual AbstractFrameBuffer *buffer() = 0
virtual void render() = 0

Detailed Description

The AbstractWindow class controls the drawing.

Usually, the frame buffer holds the offscreen buffer which needs to be flipped to the screen. AbstractWindow provides the virtual interface render to call the actual screen update.

Member Function Documentation

AbstractWindow::AbstractWindow(const QSafeSize &size)

Constructs an abstract window with the given size. size is the size of the screen surface. This value is stored into the layout file data.

[virtual] AbstractWindow::~AbstractWindow()

Destroys the instance of AbstractWindow. The destructor is virtual.

[pure virtual] AbstractFrameBuffer *AbstractWindow::buffer()

Returns the pointer to the AbstractFramebuffer object.

[pure virtual] void AbstractWindow::render()

Updates the screen.

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