SafeRenderer Namespace

The SafeRenderer namespace. More...

Header: #include <SafeRenderer>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0



enum EventId { EventUndefined, EventSetVisibility, EventSetPosition, EventHeartbeatUpdate, ..., EventSystemStateChange }
typedef qchar
typedef qint32
typedef qint64
typedef qint
typedef quchar
typedef quint8
typedef quint16
typedef quint32
typedef quint64


quint32 qsafe_hash(const qchar * const data, quint32 n)
quint16 qt_checksum(const quchar * const data, const quint32 len)
quint32 safe_strlen(const qchar * const string)

Detailed Description

The SafeRenderer namespace.

The SafeRenderer namespace contains all the Misra C++ compliant software components for Safe Renderer.


class ARGB

class AbstractFrameBuffer

The AbstractFrameBuffer class provides an interface for accessing the system's frame buffer. More...

class AbstractWindow

The AbstractWindow class controls the drawing. More...

class Constraints

A struct that holds various constraint values for Qt Safe Renderer. More...

class LayoutData

The LayoutData class encapsulates layout data. More...

class LayoutDataBuffer

class QSafeBitmap

class QSafeBitmapFile

The QSafeBitmapFile class holds the bitmap data. More...

class QSafeBitmapFileReader

The QSafeBitmapFileReader class reads the bitmap data from the file. More...

class QSafeBitmapReader

class QSafeBitmapResource

The QSafeBitmapResource class provides the Qt resource file implementation of QSafeBitmap. More...

class QSafeBitmapResourceReader

The QSafeBitmapResourceReader class provides the Qt resource file implementation of QSafeBitmapReader. More...

class QSafeEvent

The QSafeEvent class provides a base class for the Qt Safe Renderer events. More...

class QSafeEventChangeLayout

The QSafeEventChangeLayout class changes the safe renderer layout to another. More...

class QSafeEventConnection

The QSafeEventConnection class connects layout item to the system event. More...

class QSafeEventHeartbeat

The QSafeEventHeartbeat class represents the keepalive message from non-safe to safe side. More...

class QSafeEventHeartbeatTimeout

QSafeEventHeartbeatTimeout is sent when timeout heart beat timeout occurs More...

class QSafeEventPosition

The QSafeEventPosition class changes the item position. More...

class QSafeEventSystem

The QSafeEventSystem class sends the system event state change. More...

class QSafeEventVisibility

The QSafeEventVisibility class provides an event that changes the item visibility. More...

class QSafeFile

The QSafeFile class reads the data from the file. More...

class QSafeLayout

The QSafeLayout class provides an abstract class for accessing the Qt Safe Renderer layout data. More...

class QSafeLayoutFileReader

The QSafeLayoutFileReader class reads the layout data from a file. More...

class QSafeLayoutResourceReader

The QSafeLayoutResourceReader class reads the layout data from the Qt's resource structure. More...

class QSafePoint

The QSafePoint class holds the x-coordinate and y-coordinate. More...

class QSafeRenderer

The QSafeRenderer class renders the safe layout. More...

class QSafeResource

class QSafeSize

The QSafeSize class holds the height and width variables. More...

class QStringSplitter

Splits the string this instance was constructed with to segments separated by split character. More...

class StateManager

The StateManager class maintains the state of the indicators. More...

Type Documentation

enum SafeRenderer::EventId

This enum describes the type of the event. The possible types are:

SafeRenderer::EventUndefined0UThe event type is not defined.
SafeRenderer::EventSetVisibility?The event changes the visibility of the item.
SafeRenderer::EventSetPosition?The event changes the position of the item.
SafeRenderer::EventHeartbeatUpdate?The event keeps alive the update notification that has been received from the non-safe partition.
SafeRenderer::EventHeartbeatTimeout?The timeout has occurred in the heart beat messaging.
SafeRenderer::EventConnectEventToState?The events connects the system event to the UI state.
SafeRenderer::EventChangeLayout?The event changes the layout file.
SafeRenderer::EventSystemStateChange?The system event that changes the UI state.

typedef SafeRenderer::qchar

Qt-style synonym for 8-bit signed char.

typedef SafeRenderer::qint32

Qt-style synonym for 32-bit signed int.

typedef SafeRenderer::qint64

Qt-style synonym for 64-bit signed long long.

typedef SafeRenderer::qint

Qt-style synonym for 32-bit signed int.

typedef SafeRenderer::quchar

Qt-style synonym for 8-bit unsigned char.

typedef SafeRenderer::quint8

Qt-style synonym for 8-bit unsigned char.

typedef SafeRenderer::quint16

Qt-style synonym for 16-bit unsigned short.

typedef SafeRenderer::quint32

Qt-style synonym for 32-bit unsigned int.

typedef SafeRenderer::quint64

Qt-style synonym for 64-bit unsigned long long.

Function Documentation

quint32 SafeRenderer::qsafe_hash(const qchar * const data, quint32 n)

Calculates the hash value of the string.

This is a copy of the implementation of the Qt 4 qHash algorithm. data is the pointer to the source string. n is the length of string.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

quint16 SafeRenderer::qt_checksum(const quchar * const data, const quint32 len)

Returns the CRC-16 checksum of the first len bytes of data.

Note: The checksum is independent of the byte order (endianness) and will be calculated according to the algorithm published in the ISO 3309 standard.

Note: This function is a 16-bit cache conserving (16 entry table) implementation of the CRC-16-CCITT algorithm.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

quint32 SafeRenderer::safe_strlen(const qchar * const string)

Returns the length of the string c-style string.

Note: This function is originated from https://www.misra.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1160

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