Quality Control Tools

The following quality control tools are used in the Qt Safe Renderer development:

Testing tools:

QTestA test framework that is used for running the unit tests in the Coin integration system.
Froglogic SquishA GUI test automation tool that is used for running the Qt Safe Renderer release tests.
Qt Safe Renderer example test applicationA test application that is used for simulating changes in the Qt Safe Renderer environment. For more information, see Testing the Messaging Interface.

The commercial customers of Qt Safe Renderer have an access to the code and documentation of the Qt Safe Renderer unit test cases. Thus they can run the unit tests when they are integrating Qt Safe Renderer to their system.

Code analysis tools:

Froglogic CocoA code coverage tool that is used for analysing the test coverage: statement coverage, branch coverage, and modified conditions decision coverage (MC/DC).
MathWorks Polyspace Bug FinderA static code analysis tool that is used for checking the MISRA C++ 2008 rules.

Integration and releasing tools:

GerritA web-based tool that is used for code review.
CoinQt company’s continuous integration system that integrates and builds the software, and executes the unit test cases (Qt's autotests) and integration tests cases in a virtual machine environment.
JenkinsAn automation server that is used for running and scheduling the automated release tests.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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