QSafeBitmapBuffer Class

class SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapBuffer

The QSafeBitmapBuffer class holds the bitmap data. More...

Header: #include <QSafeBitmapBuffer>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0
Inherits: SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmap
Inherited By:


This class was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

Public Types

enum BitmapExceptions { OutOfDataCache, SizeError }

Public Functions

void reserveBitmapBuffer(const SafeRenderer::quint32 sizeinBytes)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual const SafeRenderer::ARGB *scanline(const SafeRenderer::quint32 pixelRow) const override

Detailed Description

The QSafeBitmapBuffer holds the data of a bitmap file. Memory for the bitmap data is statically reserved. The maximum size of the bitmap file can be changed in qsafeconstraints.h. The variable is SafeRenderer::Constraints::MAX_IMAGE_PIXELS.

Member Type Documentation

enum QSafeBitmapBuffer::BitmapExceptions

This enum describes the exception values of the class QSafeBitmapBuffer

SafeRenderer::QSafeBitmapBuffer::OutOfDataCache0The total bitmap data size exceeds SafeRenderer::Constraints::BITMAP_STORAGE_SIZE.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs a QSafeBitmapBuffer object.

void QSafeBitmapBuffer::reserveBitmapBuffer(const SafeRenderer::quint32 sizeinBytes)

Reserves bitmap buffer with size sizeArg.

This function was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.1.

[override virtual] const SafeRenderer::ARGB *QSafeBitmapBuffer::scanline(const SafeRenderer::quint32 pixelRow) const

Reimplements: QSafeBitmap::scanline(const SafeRenderer::quint32 pixelRow) const.

Getter for a bitmap row. Returns the pointer to the start of bitmap's pixelRow row or NULL if pixelRow is out of range.

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