QSafeEventChangeLayout Class

class SafeRenderer::QSafeEventChangeLayout

The QSafeEventChangeLayout class changes the safe renderer layout to another. More...

Header: #include <QSafeEventChangeLayout>
Since: QtSafeRenderer 1.0
Inherits: SafeRenderer::QSafeEvent

This class was introduced in QtSafeRenderer 1.0.

Public Functions

SafeRenderer::quint32 layoutId() const
void setLayoutId(const SafeRenderer::quint32 valueArg)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

SafeRenderer::quint32 QSafeEventChangeLayout::layoutId() const

Returns the layout id.

See also setLayoutId().

void QSafeEventChangeLayout::setLayoutId(const SafeRenderer::quint32 valueArg)

Sets the layout id to valueArg. 0 equals to reset the default layout.

In case of a failure, the following exception will be thrown:

SafeRenderer::QSafeEvent::OutOfBoundsThe offset of the data goes out of reserved memory area.

See also layoutId().

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