• Windows, Linux or macOS
  • Qt5.4 or higher

Get the Source Code

You can install QML Live via the Qt Installer with a valid license for Qt Automotive Suite. Alternatively, you can also obtain the source code from

Build for Desktop

QML Live uses qmake for its build system. The basic build steps are:


To start QML Live Bench directly from the build directory, run ./bin/qmllivebench. Optionally, you can also install QML Live Bench with the following command:

make install

Build for Device

If you want to have live reloading enabled on the target device, use the following command:

# using qmake from cross compiler toolchain
qmake "CONFIG+=skip-bench skip-examples static-link-runtime"

You need to cross-compile QML Live and copy the ./bin/qmlliveruntime binary onto the target.

Optionally, you can package QML Live with the following command:

make install INSTALL_ROOT=...

Build Documentation

To build the documentation only, run the following commands:

qmake CONFIG+=force_independent
make docs

The documentation is available at: doc/qmllive/index.html.

Build Options

The following options can be added to the qmake CONFIG variable:

skip-benchDo not build QML Live Bench
skip-examplesDo not build examples
skip-runtimeDo not build QML Live Runtime
skip-testsDo not build tests
static-link-runtimeProduce a single QML Live Runtime executable binary. If this option is disabled, QML Live Runtime executable requires that the libqmllive dynamic library to be copied to the target.

The following custom qmake variables are recognized:

Custom VariableDescription
PREFIXInstallation prefix; defaults to $$[QT_INSTALL_PREFIX].
EXAMPLES_PREFIXInstallation prefix for examples; defaults to $$[QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES]/qmllive/examples.
QMLLIVE_VERSION_EXTRADistribution specific version description; white spaces are allowed.
QMLLIVE_REVISIONThe VCS revision number.
QMLLIVE_SETTINGS_VARIANTOverrides QCoreApplication::organizationName, which is used to determine application-specific QSettings storage.

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